Hunting in Hope County, Montana

For hunters, only one thing can beat the thrill of chasing big game, and that is the whole of the experience. The experience of waking up to the chill of an autumn day and looking out over the rolling mountains and jutting peaks of a timeless landscape. Of course, harvesting big game isn’t too bad, either. Be sure to reference the seasons, permits and licenses, and regulations before planning your trip, and contact Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks with questions.


In Montana, hunting permits are issued in various quantities for the following animals: pronghorn antelope, beaver, bighorn sheep, bison, black bear, bobcat, common snipe, deer and elk, duck and coot, fisher, goose, grouse, marten, moose, mourning dove, mountain goat, mountain lion, otter, mink, muskrat, partridge, pheasant, sandhill crane, swan, swift fox, turkey, upland game bird and waterfowl, wolf and wolverine. Seasons for each species vary, so please check the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website to confirm dates before planning a trip and obtaining proper permits and licenses.

Licenses and Permits

Make sure to obtain the proper licenses and permits before scheduling a hunting trip in Montana. A license is required to harvest any game animal. A permit is not a license, but rather is issued in conjunction with a license to ensure that—at any given time—certain areas are not over-hunted or over-crowded with hunters. Permitting and licensing processes vary based on species, so be sure to check the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website or speak with a representative.


In addition to obtaining proper permits and licenses, be aware of hunting regulations for the species you intend to harvest. Information on hunting regulations broken down by species can be found on the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website.

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